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Data Driven SEO

Intuition and hunches are certainly valuable, but effective SEO campaigns – which are becoming increasingly multi-dimensional – require more than just general notions. Data-driven SEO – that is precisely the approach used by the SEO specialists of Bluerank.

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Data-Driven – what does it mean?

Data-Driven refers to working in a model that is based on specific data sets. Such sets are then analyzed to draw precise conclusions. Digital Marketing is the world of Big Data, which is why Data-Driven Marketing (DDMA) is increasingly practiced by specialists in broadly defined online marketing.

Over the course of the last few years, the SEO service has undergone quick professionalization. Presently, SEO specialists use at least a dozen different tools for data analysis to help them work efficiently and achieve their objectives. However, using only the generally available tools that are also used by the competition may prove to be insufficient, which is why Data-Driven SEO at Bluerank goes one step further to distinguish us from other SEM agencies.

What makes us unique?

Our distinguishing features include the following:

  • Specific areas of expertise of the SEO team (technical SEO, content SEO, SXO, data analysis)
  • Interdisciplinary approach (we work in partner teams, with synergy between departments such as Digital Strategy or Paid Search)
  • High qualifications in SEO tools and their non-standard application based on API (Google Search Console, Ahrefs, Senuto)
  • Own tools prepared by our in-house R&D department

Own tools

In addition to using data from generally available tools, we also develop our own solutions. They have functions that are not provided by the tools you can find on the market. This way, we can run more effective content campaigns, more accurately analyze the technical aspects of your website or conduct an innovative analysis of search results to determine the intentions of the user. Consequently, by using our own tools intended specifically for the SEO specialists at Bluerank, we can provide a very effective, high-quality SEO service.

Estimates, i.e., site traffic forecasts

Estimates of improvements resulting from SEO efforts are a difficult and controversial issue because the forecasts are frequently not based on historic data and do not factor in variables. At Bluerank, we estimate improvements with the assistance of an SEO and Marketing Data Science specialist. By combining these two worlds and using mathematical models based on historic data, we can be more accurate in our predictions of the future. You can find more information about SEO estimation in the data-driven model in our article on the Bluerank blog: Forecasting – let’s be data-driven..

Data-driven testing

There are many myths in the SEO industry that have been repeated for years and are now firmly believed to be true. The knowledge, experience and observations of SEO specialists are extremely valuable. However, in an increasingly dynamic search engine environment, only data-driven testing can provide the answer to questions posed by specific data and analyzed information. In the case of SEO, conclusions based on data analysis are even more important because the specific rules behind the functioning of search engine algorithms are not commonly known. Testing in the data-driven model helps us determine the way the algorithms function and find out more about how the search results are ranked. In a world where information is the most important value, we can ensure that our SEO campaigns are effective by knowing how the algorithms function.

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Let’s talk about your business!