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Content Marketing

Data-based content – the users only get the information they were looking for and come back for more!

In our everyday work, we rely on SEO analyses and consumer insights to more precisely adapt the type of contents we show to the interests and expectations of our Partners’ customers. We also customize the format to make our content more attractive. In our work, we successfully combine our proven data-driven approach with the best content marketing, SEO and PR practices.

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Good content is like a great book – it will stay with you for a long time. We also maintain blogs and content sections of websites optimized for SEO to let more people encounter them at every stage of the Customer Journey. We write texts for many industries: health/beauty, agriculture, heavy machinery, fashion, tourism, finance, technologies, automotive industry, pharmaceutical sector, interior design, etc.

We run content marketing campaigns and initiatives using creative concepts and the data-driven approach, we create animations, e-books, reports, landing pages, quizzes and other non-standard content formats. In our content marketing campaigns, we use the most optimal channels, as indicated in the creative concept (earned, owned and paid media).

Content marketing is involved directly in every stage of the Customer Journey – See, Think, Do and Care. When planning content marketing initiatives, we use the data-driven approach to know what effects we expect from the individual stages of the project. We also employ the data-driven approach when creating content (animations) for the YouTube platform.

How to effectively plan, optimize and assess the effects of content marketing initiatives used at the website? How to check if investing in a blog is a good idea and if the blog can convert to sales? Try our content analysis with reWrite and get customized reports and recommendations on how to optimize conversions from on-site content.

We conduct SEO PR training for the editorial teams of our Partner. By sharing know-how, we transfer specialist knowledge to the organizations of our partners and help to educate the market.

Let’s talk about your business!

Let’s talk about your business!