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Advanced content analysis with the reWrite tool

According to a report of IAB, 80% marketers declare that they use content marketing in their work. To many of them, the greatest challenge is how to correctly measure the effectiveness of their content and monetize it.

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Content optimization to drive conversions

  • What types of articles are more effective – guides or reviews?
  • Does the length of the text affect its effectiveness?
  • What number of images and links boosts the purchase intent?
  • Does effective traffic acquisition drive engagement and conversions?

A detailed content audit will let you answer these questions and, thus, better adapt your content marketing strategy to maximize your profits. We analyze the contents of our Partners’ websites using our own solutions, based on data from Google Analytics, Search Console, Ahrefs, Senuto and crawlers of the website. Another important issue is SEO – we never forget that on-site contents are an integral part of the adaptation process.

Content monetization – product recommendations

The solutions developed by Bluerank enable the automatic optimization of content monetization, e.g., using product boxes displayed next to the articles. Our algorithm analyses the content on the website, also with consideration of the business factors agreed with the Partner. It then adapts the displayed products to the content in a fully automatic manner, increasing revenue and ROI generated by the articles.

Dashboards in Google Data Studio – content management center

Thanks to a tailor-made report, you will be able to routinely monitor the effectiveness of your content. reWrite will let you make the right decisions, regarding, for instance, the type of the published articles, the potential for paid promotion of the best of them or the optimum content length.

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Let’s talk about your business!

Let’s talk about your business!