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SXO user experience optimization

There are approximately one billion websites on the Internet, and this number keeps growing.

What is it, therefore, that makes the users stay on or return to a specific website?
Unique experience.
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What is SXO?

SXO is the combination of the conventional SEO approach with User Experience (UX).
The aim of SEO is to improve the visibility of the website and maintain a high ranking in the search engine, increasing the number of organic visits to the website. However, it is also important for the users to want to remain on the website (and make a conversion). In SXO, we focus on accurately understanding the intentions of the users and making sure that they can access the information they need as easily as possible.

What does Search Experience Optimization entail?

As part of our SXO services, we help our Partners by:

  • creating well thought-out and helpful content (i.e., content consistent with the user’s intention), with the support of our trusty copywriters;
  • recommendations for optimizing the website to make it function correctly both on mobile devices and on the desktop;
  • recommendations concerning the organization of content within the website to make it easily accessible to the users;
  • comprehensive analysis of the website that considers not only the SEO guidelines of Google but also the needs of the user;
  • win-win approach and collaboration with experienced specialists!

Let’s talk about your business!

Let’s talk about your business!