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Technical SEO consulting to improve optimization and eliminate problems

dbanie o optymalizację i usuwanie przeszkód

Technical SEO is a very big part of website optimization, going far beyond the previously known framework of technical improvements. SEO used to be globally regarded as a technical process – for instance, in the context of the selection of solutions and technologies – where defining a specific platform or method could positively or negatively affect further actions as well as the future of your entire business. Due to the evolution of the search mechanisms over the years, SEO had to be divided into different areas to expand the level of knowledge. One of such areas is technical SEO.

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Scope of technical SEO consulting

In technical SEO, we consider not only compliance with all the guidelines of Google but also issues related to, for instance, the logic behind the functioning of important mechanisms of the website or correct architecture and structure of the websites. We also create a secure environment for the users and indexing robots, supporting this effort with the analyses of rendering and correct displaying of the website. We also look at important factors related to UX, i.e., Core Web Vitals. However, there are hundreds of such elements!

Thanks to the long experience of our Team in technically complex projects, we can provide a broader perspective to identify not only micro-opportunities but also risks.

Technical SEO is a team effort

The desire to increase your advantage over the competition frequently requires making bold and complex technological changes on the website – not only in the visual layer (frontend) but also in the internal aspect of the website (backend). We can help you make sure that all of your actions are consistent with the guidelines of Google and will not cause any problems to the users or indexing robots.

Thanks to the broad perspective on the technological aspects, we can also create precise recommendations for the developers and assist them with their everyday work. The partner-like approach to teamwork is very important to us, which is why we frequently cooperate with developer teams as their integral part.

Let’s talk about your business!

Let’s talk about your business!