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Design is our language of communication. Let yourself get noticed and create a truly unforgettable experience with our help

Together, we will take care of the visual aspect of your efforts, making sure that they can attract attention and trigger emotions. We want you to make a lasting impression in the minds of your customers. We can help take control of the perception of your brand and your marketing. Together, we can find the right means of expression to produce the effects you expect. We are not afraid of unconventional methods and demanding projects. Just like you, we enjoy a challenge. And design is our language of choice.

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Animations and video are a very attractive form of content – they entertain and make it easier to understand more complex contents. They also enhance the effectiveness of your marketing activities at every stage of the Customer Journey – See, Think, Do and Care. Our animations and videos are created based on our client’s strategy, their visual identity and the target segment.

Animations on YouTube - data-driven content marketing

Creative, unique, useful, consistent with the brand and all channels used to reach the customer, direct, desirable and aligned with the mission, vision, identity and strategy of the company. This is the type of branding we create.

We always try to make sure that the Key Visuals we create are memorable and fully reflect the intentions and image of the brand. To us, Key Visuals are an example of pure design, which can sum up all important aspects – theme, concept and message – in a graphical form.

We want to help you conquer the world. The pitch deck is a short advertising presentation. It usually consists of 10–20 slides that briefly and suggestively summarize a business, offered products or services, business concept, prospective start-up or a new idea.

We create designs for every interactive activity of our client (e.g., content articles, e-books, infographics). We also design sales materials (presentations, offers) and printed materials (dtp), including, in particular, offline advertising campaigns referring to the concepts used in the client’s online campaigns.

Together with our Social Media department, we work with the biggest brands every day, taking care of their graphic needs in social media channels. We create designs of online advertising campaigns, banners for display campaigns, ads in social media, YouTube and any other channels used by our clients to reach their customers. Communication strategies and performance marketing are a part of our DNA.


In the Customer Journey, one of the most important interactions of the customer with the brand is their contact with your website. At Bluerank, we combine the programming aspect, which focuses on the performance of the website, with three components: graphic designs oriented towards communication with the target audience (UI), analysis of behaviors and user experience (UX) and expertise in the SXO (Search Engine Optimization) area, which integrates the conventional approaches to SEO with UX. This way, we can create designs that are friendly to the audience and help you achieve your sales targets but also make it much easier for the users to access the contents they are looking for.

At Bluerank, we mostly implement the following types of web projects: coming soon pages, corporate sites and landing pages.

SXO – user experience optimization

Let’s talk about your business!

Let’s talk about your business!