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Animations on YouTube data-driven content marketing

Did you know that approximately 28 million Internet users in Poland consume online contents every day? The Internet is our preferred source of information. It is not surprising, therefore, that as many as 70% of marketers actively invest in content marketing initiatives.

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How to effectively maximize profits from content?

Content marketing is involved directly in every stage of the Customer Journey – See, Think, Do and Care.

In order for the contents we provide to be most productive, they should be effectively planned, created, analyzed and monetized. At Bluerank, we have defined this approach as the following cycle: Discover, Create, Analyze, Monetize. It can maximize the outreach of the contents and drive commitment, trust and loyalty of the users.

Why invest in animations?

The cycle used at Bluerank – Discover, Create, Analyze, Monetize – is complemented by the additional, fifth stage of content creation – Recycle.

The Recycle stage concerns the reuse of any contents that worked well during the previous stages, as having the biggest potential. We use them to create vector animations that can be published on the website, in social media and on the YouTube channel.

Animations are an extremely attractive form of content marketing – they are quickly consumed, can easily explain complex problems, are educational and entertaining and enhance the diversity of content on the website. We can prepare the animations using the unique visual identity of the client and an individual approach to the presented contents, consistent with the needs of the target segment.

Video contents placed on your website during the Recycle stage can increase the conversion rate by up to 800%!

What if you have no contents to recycle? Not a problem! We can furnish you with a creative concept together with a plan for the publication of brand-new content. We use the data-driven approach – we will measure the visibility potential of the content and adapt it to your business needs.

What channel used to reach the customer is the most important?

The Google search engine! 90% of Polish Internet users look for information about products and services in the Internet before purchasing them. The biggest e-commerce websites in Poland generate as much as 50% traffic on their website from this source.

Did you know that by having video content you can generate 300% more traffic to your website and gain additional leads?

That is why every animation is accompanied by an article on the website that answers the queries of the users and improves your visibility in Google.

Why are animations also published on YouTube?

Because YouTube is regularly used by 72% of Internet users and 54% of Poles. Additionally, YouTube works in synergy with Google – the results from that platform are also shown in the largest search engine in the world. This means that having videos on the YouTube will increase the visibility of your brand online as well as the number of channels you can use to reach the user.

Why should you create YouTube animations with us?

We believe in data-driven content marketing, which means that we create contents that achieve visibility in search results and have potential for continuous development.

Thanks to the Discover, Create, Analyze, Monetize and Recycle approach, the content created around your brand never truly dies.

Let’s talk about your business!

Let’s talk about your business!