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Recipe for success
– Bluerank & Wszystkiego Słodkiego

Wszystkiego Słodkiego is a service for everyone who loves
to bake cakes and prepare desserts. We, on the other hand, in cooperation with the Client, have created a recipe
for increasing visibility and organic traffic.


Huge difference in visibility compared to competition

Before the launch of operations in April 2021, the website in TOP 10 had 24 000 keywords less than portals indicated as a benchmark.

Updating the current content

We must remember that there are many culinary websites and blogs on the Internet. Therefore, we were faced with the question of how to even better create and useful content for users, attractive in terms of the search engine, and at the same time buidling the image of Wszystkiego Słodkiego as an expert.


The implementation of individual elements of the strategy began in the second quarter of 2021 and covered both the platform and the e-commerce store. The main assumptions of the strategy were:

  • SEO audit for the website
  • Google Analytics mini audit
  • Implementation of post-audit recommendations
  • Workshops on content creation and thematic analysis


SEO audit and Google Analytics mini audit

One of the key stages before the challenges were met was the performance of a comprehensive SEO audit. This audit focused on the analysis of the website's condition in the search engine, but also touched upon issues related to the content and technical issues. Additionally, a Google Analytics audit was performed to verify the correctness of data collection for reporting results. The final documents presented the partner with the most important issues regarding technical and content irregularities in terms of SEO best practices. The purpose of the audits was to prepare recommendations, the implementation of which was to positively affect performance indicators and increase the friendliness of the Google search engine.

The areas we highlighted:

  • Implementation of an optimal website structure
  • Eliminate internal duplication
  • Re-optimization and content development on individual subpages in terms of specific popular queries
  • Indexation and optimization of internal search engine pages
  • Pagination optimization on the site
  • Optimizing the website loading speed

The recommendations were included in a comprehensive 130-page document.

Implementation of post-audit recommendations

In cooperation with the Client and developers, at the beginning of May 2021, we created a list of tasks aimed at improving the issues raised in the audit, taking into account at the same time the prioritization of tasks and the estimated time-consuming implementation. The topics that we implemented were the improvement of the performance and speed of the websiteszystgosłodkiego.pl, correct entering of structural data and organizing the structure of headings on pages within websites. Additionally, about 30 tasks aimed at improving the condition of the website were performed. The entire work took about 8 months, along with the implementation of technical and content changes to the website and their verification.

Workshops on content creation and thematic analysis

The implemented post-audit changes mainly concerned the content that already existed on the website. We knew, however, that duplicating the existing schemes for creating content may not bring optimal results, therefore we were still looking for further improvements in the content creation process. For this purpose, we conducted a series of mini-workshops on good practices of preparing recipes and articles so that they were attractive to users and indexing robots, and would allow to improve the image of Wszystkiego Słodkiego as an expert in the field of confectionery. Additionally, in line with the data-driven approach, appropriate analyzes were prepared, such as trend analysis, the task of which was to fully use the potential of seasonal phrases and topics.


The implemented content and technical changes contributed to increasing the website's visibility and "immunization" to the update of the Google algorithm that occurred over the past year.

164,7 % increase in organic visibility in TOP 3 YoY (April 2022 vs. April 2021)

Reducing or eliminating the difference in visibility between the website and competitors

The difference in the number of phrases in the TOP 10 decreased by about 30%-50% compared to the portals indicated as the benchmark. In addition, Wszystkiego Słodkiego domain reached over 160% of the number of keywords in the TOP 10 of another competitor indicated as a benchmark.

 +76% more ogranic sessions YoY (Q1 2022 vs. Q1 2021)

Engagement increase

Comparing Q1 2022 to Q1 of the previous year, 111,88% more users switched from the Wszystkiego Słodkiego platform to the store website. Additionally, 496,07% more users reading the blog section went to the store.