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Website SEO audit to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your website and strategic directions of development

The SEO audit is a result of a multi-dimensional analysis of your website in terms of contents and technical aspects. Our exhaustively described conclusions and recommendations are normally presented in an extensive summary document. In other words, the aim of the SEO audit is to indicate which parts of the website leave room for improvement and highlight unused opportunities. If you implement the recommendations from the audit, your website will be better adapted to the popular queries and intentions of the users connected with the particular industry, increasing organic visibility, traffic and, ultimately, conversions.

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Technical website SEO audit

During the technical audit of the website, we check the primary elements required for the correct functioning of the website both with respect to the indexing robots and ranking factors of the search engines as well as user experience. The primary areas analyzed and verified during the technical audit include the following:

Crawl budget and indexability

One of the primary criteria required for good results (high organic visibility) in the search engine is to make sure that the indexation of the website is performed efficiently and effectively. The most important sections and subpages must be available, and their contents have to be understandable to the indexing robots.

Website loading time

The loading time of your website has recently become one of the critical factors used to quickly determine if the website is useful – the user usually abandons any website if they have to wait more than 3 seconds until it loads, and the continuously improving technology keeps reducing the user’s patience even more. Consequently, a website that takes too long to load will never produce good results.

Adaptation to mobile devices

In 2016, traffic from mobile devices has significantly exceeded the amount of traffic from computers. Mobile devices accompany us everywhere, using them has become more convenient and easier, and users now use them more frequently for online transactions. Websites that correctly support and adapt to mobile devices are becoming a necessary condition for online success in an increasing number of sectors.

Link profile analysis

The number and quality of external links to the website is still important to SEO. You should make sure that the profile of links leading to your website is natural and credible, helping you boost the reputation of your site.

Content SEO audit

Content analysis is the cornerstone of SEO – only by using suitable phrases and contents will you be able to reach the selected target audience and provide the most accurate answer to their queries and the intentions behind them. During the content audit, we analyze the texts available on the website, examine if they actually match the queries of the users, and look for and highlight any unused potential.

The most important elements of the content audit:

Keyphrase analysis

In the keyphrase analysis, we define the most popular and valuable queries connected with the topics published on the website, assign them to specific sections and subpages and recommend titles, headings and descriptions optimized for specific queries and intentions.

Content quality and suitability assessment

We also analyze the texts available on the website in terms of their suitability for potential users and associations with the queries used and the user’s motivations and intentions. After the analysis, the client receives suggestions for modifications, extensions or re-optimization of existing contents according to the requirements of the users and search engine robots.

Recommendations for authors and content editors

During the content audit, we focus not only on the existing contents of the website but also on the potential for future expansion and development. That is why the content SEO audit also consists of guidelines for content authors and editors. The guidelines are meant to assist the content and copywriting departments with writing texts according to the best SEO practices and meet the expectations of the users and also to ensure that the particular contents are correctly interpreted and classified by the indexing robots.

What will you get as part of the Bluerank SEO audit?

We know the implementation of the audit recommendations requires plenty of time and effort, which is why, as part of the SEO audit you will not only get the audit document but will also have an opportunity to discuss and consult it with a specialist, verify the changes you make and – depending on the size of your website and project capabilities – manage and monitor the implementations in the indicated project management system.

When to order an SEO audit?

The SEO audit is recommended whenever you are uncertain of the effectiveness and future perspectives of the planned changes of your SEO efforts, e.g., during the most important stages of work on the preparation or development of your website. These include, among others:

Creation and launch of a new website

If you pay attention to the optimization of your website already when it is being created, you will achieve good results and quick growth immediately after going online. You will also be able to avoid critical errors that would cause you to bear additional expenses at later stages.

Website migration

Regardless of whether you are migrating to a new domain, merging several websites or modifying the existing website structure, you will need SEO support to avoid catastrophic consequences to your existing level of visibility and traffic. Recovering from rapid losses caused by rash and unwise decisions can frequently involve long, costly and laborious effort that could easily have been avoided if only the migration of the website had been correctly planed.

Price of the SEO audit of your website

We determine the price of the SEO audit of each website individually, based on its current condition, structure, size, potential for growth and risks as well as the competition in the particular industry. That is why the prices of the SEO audit differ for each website, and they can be specified only after we receive more information and data about it and after conducting an initial analysis. Contact us and fill out the brief!

Let’s talk about your business!

Let’s talk about your business!