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International marketing

Expansion to foreign markets is now the obvious next step in the growth of any company. We can help you make the most of the opportunity created by the international awareness of your brand.

International expansion is the natural next step in the growth of your brand. Together, we will prepare your company to make the most of the opportunity offered by doing business on the international scale. We will help you assess the potential of specific markets and understand your competition and target audience. We will also prepare a strategy tailored to specific regions and their individual characteristics to help you pick the right digital marketing actions and maximize your profits.

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Apart from being fluent in the local language, it is just as important to have an in-depth understanding of the characteristic features of the selected region, conditions of the particular sector and local competition. Only then will you be able to get the right message across to a new target audience. In answer to your needs, Bluerank has initiated the formation of two alliances – Dall and CEE Digital Alliance – to help run effective campaigns all over Europe.

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If you are thinking of expanding your brand into new markets, you should start by working on the visibility and SEO of your website. Our SEO specialists can help you promote your website and adapt it to local standards, specific features of the market and the needs of the customers in the particular region. By using individually tailored measures, you will be able to win the new target audience over and increase your competitive advantage.

Increase the range of your international marketing activities using paid advertising. We will help you select the best marketing channels and account structures for the particular region, with consideration of the specific features of the location and local consumers. Then, we will prepare a detailed plan for a pay-per-click campaign, and we will manage the campaign for you to effectively attract customers on the markets of your choice and increase the traffic on your website.

You are ready to start selling abroad but are not sure where to begin? We can provide you with an analysis of the business potential of different countries, taking into account the characteristics of the individual e-commerce markets, behaviors and preferences of the local consumers and the position of key competitors.

Paid advertising in social media can be a great way of reaching new audiences all over the world. At Bluerank, we help brands grow internationally by using the best dedicated solutions from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. The popularity of these websites and the opportunity to use precisely-targeted advertising will make it easier than ever before to promote your brand among foreign users and convert them into customers.

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Let’s talk about your business!