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Why do companies choose Google Analytics 360

Google Marketing Platform was premiered in 2018. GMP aims at a coherent understanding and implementation of scope and goals in marketing+performance. In general GMP ditches the separated and just integrated set of tools. This is undoubtedly the answer to evolving needs and market awareness. Until recently, on the CEE market, enterprise-class tools, like Google Analytics 360, were not only out of the reach of corporate budgets, but also outside the scope of the organization’s needs. At first there was a lack of awareness, not a lack of financial resources.

We are currently observing the growing maturity of the organization in the area of ​​using analytics to achieve business and marketing goals. Maturity at the same time translates into a growing demand for enterprise-class tools. Who needs them? Contrary to the suspicions, it is not only large organizations, potentates of their industries. More and more often, aggressive startups reach for such tools as Google Analytics 360. Young, dynamically developing technology companies, innovative, often supported by global investment funds. In addition, the client and supplier meet across borders of countries and regions, which is also an evidence for the search for the best solutions and services, regardless of theoretical geographical limitations.

Why do companies choose Google Analytics 360?

  • A specific level of Service Level Agreement, along with a constant scope of support from the Google Marketing Platform partner
  • Increased limits and no data sampling – for an extensive data architecture
  • Integration with BigQuery – for advanced data analysis and integration with BI
  • Integration with SalesForce – for combining marketing and sales data
  • Integration with the marketing platform (Display & Video 360) – for accurate reporting and better campaign targeting

Increasingly, companies are reaching for, not one but a set of analytical tools from the Google Marketing Platform. 360 Analytics for accurate measurement, Data Studio for convenient reporting, Optimize 360 ​​for constant content optimization.
We are pleased to see how the Google Marketing Platform responds to the further needs of our clients.

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