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Top SEO trends in 2024 in SEO Director’s eyes

There are many SEO trends that will influence the landscape in 2024. We have asked our SEO Director, Patrycja Tomczak, to pick the most important one. Let’s check Patrycja’s answers!

Bluerank: Patrycja, which of SEO trends will be the strongest one in 2024?

Patrycja Tomczak: Well, to me, the most significant one is the full rollout of Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE). SGE is a new AI-powered functionality that summarizes and compiles results from across the web, based on the user’s query and intent. SGE will likely change the way users search and interact with search results, as well as the way webmasters optimize their websites for SEO. In my view, the main implications of SGE are:

  • users will be encouraged to use long-tail keywords and natural language queries, as SGE will provide more relevant and comprehensive answers,
  • click-through rate of standard top-three search results will decrease, as SGE will display more information on the SERP itself,
  • total organic traffic to websites may drop, as SGE will reduce the need for users to visit multiple sources,
  • high-quality, informative content will be more valuable, as SGE will prioritize websites that provide valuable and authoritative information to users,
  • structured data/schema markup may grow in importance, as SGE may use it to display rich snippets and enhance the user experience,
  • generating reviews will be more important, as SGE will put local businesses head to head in its results,
  • measuring SEO results and gaining data from SGE search may not be as straightforward, as SGE may not provide the same level of transparency and analytics as traditional search.
Source: Google

Bluerank: Is this the one of the SEO trends that you are looking forward to? Do you see any risks or challenges?

Patrycja Tomczak: I would say that I am neutral about the SGE trend. On one hand, I think it is a positive development for the users. It will provide them with more accurate, relevant, and comprehensive answers to their queries. SGE will also make the search experience more interactive, engaging, and personalized. Users will be able to refine and explore their results in different ways.

On the other hand, I think it is a challenging development for webmasters. It will require them to adapt and optimize their websites for the new SGE functionality. SGE will also make the SEO landscape more competitive and dynamic, as webmasters will have to compete with other sources and formats of information on the SERP. In fact, I am keen to see how SGE will affect the SEO industry in 2024.

I would also like to add another aspect related to the quality of information and the risk of fake news. SGE is a powerful AI system that can generate and synthesize information from various sources, but it is not infallible. SGE may not always be able to verify the accuracy, reliability, and credibility of the information it presents to the users. SGE may also be manipulated by malicious actors who want to spread misinformation, propaganda, or bias.

Users should be cautious and critical when using SGE, and always cross-check the information they receive with other sources. Users should also be aware of the ethical and social implications of SGE, as it may influence the way people form opinions, make decisions, and interact with each other. SGE is a revolutionary innovation, but it comes with responsibility and challenges.

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