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121% growth of organic B2B leads in the technology industry

The year 2021 was a period of many changes for the technology industry. The products included in our Client’s business offer are specialized items that are difficult to promote due to their niche character. During the pandemic period, our Client expanded its offer with specialized services, which took place before the migration to the new version of the site. The effective migration process, promotion and strategy contributed to an increase in organic traffic and completed forms.


Introducing new products to the offer

In connection with COVID-19 pandemic in Poland, the partner had to adjust its corporate offer in order to be able to support its clients in the transition to safe and flexible remote work. It also involved the need to work on the organic visibility of new services. The pandemic reality and the expansion of the promoted products required the preparation of new concepts and assumptions in the organic domain visibility development strategy.

Specialized B2B products sought by a narrow target group

Products offered by our Client require knowledge of the latest technologies and are usually sought by specialists in the field of e.g. cybersecurity, new technologies, etc. One of the challenges was to create educational materials that would be both specialized and accessible for the company's target audience.

Internal technological limitations 

The CMS on which the website was based before the migration significantly limited the possibilities of implementing technical SEO recommendations. Due to those limitations combined with the old and user unfriendly design, the partner was faced with migration to the new version of the website.


The implementation of individual elements of the strategy began in the second quarter of 2020 and included SEO issues and related elements. The main assumptions of the strategy were:

  • SXO audit
  • Link building
  • Technical SEO
  • Content re-optimization
  • Site migration
  • Youtube SEO


Website migration

Due to the outdated website design and technical limitations, the partner decided to migrate the website, which also included the change of the CMS. Bluerank started preparing SEO recommendations in January 2021. They included, among others, such tasks as: preparing a website redirection map, giving opinions on mockups, recommending the website structure and changes in URLs, and many other elements. Bluerank participated in the entire migration process and supported the partner by reviewing the website design, testing, creating recommendations and monitoring implementations until the final version was launched. The launch of the new version of the website took place in May 2021.

SXO audit

One of the stages preceding the large website migration project was the performance of an SXO audit. It touched upon elements at the interface between SEO and UX, but also purely UX aspects related to user color management, conversion, etc. This document presented the partner with the most important problems regarding technical and visual shortcomings that affect the quality of the user experience on the website. Its implementation was aimed at preparing all recommendations that will positively affect both the Core Web Vitals indicators and the overall satisfaction of users regarding the use of the new website.

In cooperation with a partner, we managed to improve the following elements included in the SXO audit:

  • Core Web Vitals Indicators
  • Graphic elements that do not have a defined size
  • Using cache for files and graphics
  • Optimization of JS and CSS scripts
  • Main rendering thread optimization
  • Appropriate prioritization of sent external resources
  • Application of preconnect for external resources
  • HTML minification
  • Server optimization

The above recommendations are part of the comprehensive 99-page SXO audit document.


We have prepared several articles dedicated to the most important products from the partner's specialist offer. Along with the preparation of texts, thematic websites with satisfactory SEO indicators were proposed, which were related to the industry represented by the partner. The role of copywriters also included proper research before preparing a given article, due to the difficult, technological subject of each entry. The goal was to get high-quality links for the most important business product pages inside the website. The publication of articles on external portals was carried out systematically throughout 2021.

Content re-optimization

The Client's website has an extensive blog section, which contained over 300 articles, cases and webinars. They describe all the difficult issues related to the products offered by the partner to help understand their benefits and what problems of potential B2B partners they can respond to. In order to achieve the highest possible visibility of the organic content section of the website, regular optimization activities were carried out. They included over 70 articles written by technology specialists on the Client's side. This type of content was of very high substantive quality, but required better SEO optimization. It was not only saturated with keywords, but we also improved and added H headings, expanded the content with additional paragraphs so as to use as many keywords as possible on a given topic. We also implemented internal linking, alt attributes and metadata.

Youtube SEO

Educating potential buyers in the partner industry by offering specialized services is very important. This is done mainly via the YouTube channel, where all information about products is added, and webinars with invited specialists who explain how individual processes work. Reaching a wide audience on YouTube with a niche topic is not easy. In order to maximize the number of recipients of materials, YouTube SEO activities were regularly carried out, including the optimization of individual elements that affect the visibility of videos in this search engine. Prior to commencing SEO YouTube activities, we conducted audit of this channel, which indicated good practices for increasing visibility on the site.


+121,5% completed forms YoY (Q1 2022 vs Q1 2021)

Compared to the first quarter of 2021, the partner's website recorded an increase in product form fillings by 121.5%, which translated into 160 more forms.

+45% more organic sessions YoY (Q1 2022 vs Q1 2021)

Compared to the first quarter of 2021, the number of sessions from organic traffic increased by 44.81% (16,300 sessions more).

90,3 % growth of organic visbility in TOP 3 YoY (Q1 2022 vs Q1 2021)

Compared to the beginning of 2021, the Client's website recorded an increase in visibility by 90.3% for TOP 3, 46.1% for TOP 10 and 76.7% for TOP 50. The most important increase was by 278 additional phrases in TOP 3 as these positions generate the most organic traffic.

Improving page loading speed indicators

By implementing the recommendations from the SXO audit, it was possible to significantly improve the website's performance indicators, including those related to Core Web Vitals.

Results before implementation (24.02.2022):

Results after implementation (03.03.2022):

  • The LCP of 2.9 s has been reduced to 1.1 s
  • The 1.6 s speed index has been reduced to 0.6 s
  • Time to interactive of 4.3 s has been reduced to 0.8 s

SXO recommendations also had a significant impact on the quality metrics visible in Google Analytics:

In addition to the above indicators, the average session duration also increased by 32.52%.