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YouTube SEO positioning, optimization and creation of video concepts

pozycjonowanie i optymalizacja materiałów filmowych

More than 300 hours of new video materials are added to YouTube every minute. The contents from the website reach more people aged 18 to 49 than the programs on any TV station in the world! This means that your video on YouTube has a great potential for reaching many new users.

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How to make the most of the potential of YouTube videos?

YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world (ranked right behind Google), handling more than 3 billion user queries each month. Also, results from YouTube are shown among many keywords in Google itself. This means that a correctly prepared and SEO-friendly video can let you reach the user from two different channels.
At Bluerank, we help you adapt existing contents for SEO and create new contents. We use the data-driven approach – we rely on data concerning the current trends, analyze user queries or determine if the content has to be adapted for the YouTube and Google algorithm.

SEO on YouTube

A film should start with an earthquake – this was the rule adopted by Alfred Hitchcock. At Bluerank, we begin our SEO work by focusing on titles, descriptions, miniatures and all other technical aspects that are very relevant to the functioning of the YouTube search engine. We prepare audits, training courses and collections of good practices to let our Partners create SEO-friendly video materials.

SEO on YouTube is not just about optimization but also about the campaign and strategy.

We know that contents are created for people, not robots. That is why we answer the actual needs of the users and create attractive content for every stage of their Customer Journey. We offer content marketing campaigns, strategies for the creation and publication of video materials and opportunities for cooperation with influencers. Using the data-driven approach, we look for content silos that will be interesting to the users, monitor trends and analyze the results of our actions.

What if the contents are already optimized, but you want more?

Bluerank can also create YouTube content in the form of vector animations. The content we prepare is always data-driven! We can plan and create a series of new and interesting materials for your users and recycle the content you have already published on the website if it has the potential to become an evergreen. Our efforts are driven by the needs of our Partners and are aimed at making maximum use of the potential of their websites and social media profiles.

Let’s talk about your business!

Let’s talk about your business!