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Web Vitals Performance analysis website loading time

47% of Internet users expect the website to load within 2 seconds, and the loading time is an important factor in the Google ranking. The previous sentence is hardly revelatory to any SEO Specialist or Digital Manager, but it is only one of the many reasons why you should analyze the loading time and implement changes to make the website load faster. Make sure that your website loads fast to maximize its selling potential.

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Why is website loading time so important?

The time required to load the content of the website affects not only the ranking in organic search results but also the behavior of the user.

The most important aspects dependent on website loading time:

  • rejection rate,
  • number of subpages visited by the user during the session,
  • effectiveness of advertising in paid campaigns,
  • opinion of the website,
  • probability of the user returning to the website in the future,
  • conversion factor.

In the case of e-commerce websites, all of the factors affect the profit the website can generate. Every hundredth of a second of delay represents the missed potential of the website – which can be regained through the Web Vitals Performance analysis.

How to check the website loading time?

The answer to the question is very complex and multi-dimensional. When you decide to analyze this aspect, you should first check if your website loads slow, e.g., using the official Google Page Speed Insights tool. This tool can indicate the overall loading performance of the website, specify relevant Web Performance metrics and point out the most critical blockers causing your website to load slowly.

When analyzing Web Vitals Performance at Bluerank, we also use more in-depth solutions, the most important of which is our own in-house tool, Speedmetrics, which allows us to run synthetic tests and compare your website with the competition in your industry.

Scope of the Web Vitals Performance analysis

Analiza Web Vitals Performance przeprowadzana przez Bluerank, którą wykonujemy dla naszych Partnerów, to obszerny dokument, na który składają się analizy oraz szczegółowe rekomendacje dla danego serwisu.

Analyzed areas:

  • server issues,
  • Time to First Byte optimization (time required to download the first byte of information),
  • images,
  • Javascript files,
  • CSS files, 
  • fonts,
  • other issues (including, in particular, videos).

We analyze all important types of subpages on the website in terms of business aspects and visibility in organic results in the desktop and mobile versions.

These measures give us a comprehensive perspective of all potential factors blocking your website and allow us to furnish you with solutions that can make your website faster.

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Let’s talk about your business!