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SEO analysis of the competition

Are you wondering which websites compete with your website for the top position in the search engine? Perhaps you want to find out for yourself that your business competition does not always correspond to the competition in Google? Use our analysis of your competition to not only identify your actual competitors in terms of SEO but also to find out what to do to get ahead of them in the search results. By identifying and understanding your competitors and eventually creating a suitable strategy of implementations on your website based on the analysis of your competition, you will be able to stay ahead in the search results for the phrases that are particularly important to your business. Our analysis is based on four stages of the Customer Journey: “See, Think, Do, Care”, which means that all the recommendations are adapted to the needs, customs and behaviors of the users.

Nasza analiza opiera się na czterech etapach Customer Journey “See, Think, Do, Care”, dzięki czemu wszelkie rekomendacje dostosowane są do potrzeb, zwyczajów i zachowań użytkowników.
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Analysis of the competition in Google in the spirit of the Customer Journey – why is this approach so important to us?

Because we know that the path the users have to follow to reach your brand can be long and rocky. The customer usually has more than one brand touchpoint before making a purchase. This means that you have to analyze them all to make sure that you answer all of the user’s needs better than your competition.

Analysis of SEO potential based on hundreds of specified phrases

By identifying the phrases most important to your business and image, we can describe the SEO potential of your website and the websites of your competitors. If you want to find out if your website is appropriately optimized for the phrases that are most important to you and how it compares with your competition in terms of the potential for further growth, we prepare a dedicated analysis for you and provide suitable recommendations to be implemented on the website.

SEO analysis of the content of the competition

We will advise you of the best content optimization practices and provide you with a list of the aspects you should pay attention to when creating contents for your website. We will compare the quality and quantity of the content on your website with the websites of your competitors and show you your strengths and weaknesses.

SEO analysis of the technical aspects of the competition

Use the potential of your website to stand out from the competition. By optimizing the technical aspects, you can ensure that your website is correctly understood by Google robots, making it easier to achieve a better ranking in Google for the phrases important to you. You will be confident that your website is correctly displayed for all users, which will help you gain an edge over your competition and win new customers.

Let’s talk about your business!

Let’s talk about your business!