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Marketing Analytics

Do you want to see your business grow based on data, not hunches? See what we can do to help.

Online analytics is a process oriented towards the acquisition and analysis of data to form hypotheses, verify them and prepare recommendations on how to optimize and improve your activities in a wide range of online media, particularly on websites. Analytics in marketing is a process that involves not only tools but, most importantly, people. We work with people to understand and use the data in order to allow you to make good business decisions. We help you define the success indicators for your online activity.

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We aim to understand and use the data in order to allow you to make good business decisions. We help you define the success indicators for your online activity.

Google Analytics 4 audit

We audit Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager accounts to verify the quality of the data you collect, checking, in particular, if they are accurate and complete. Our cooperation begins with a preliminary interview to understand what type of data is needed for your organization and check if they can be provided by Google Analytics 4.

We conduct full Google Analytics 4 implementations. From designing the data architecture to technical implementation.


We deliver useful data sets in the friendly, visual form of Looker Studio report panels. This way, you will be able to observe the key data, understand the dependencies and identify significant changes.

When you buy the license, you can also expect professional technical and business support.
Our team of certified specialists will help you, for instance, with:

  • conducting an audit of your analytical tools
  • constructing the data architecture
  • efficiently implementing tracking tools
  • easy KPI reporting
  • using the data to improve the effectiveness of your advertising

The customer’s journey to conversion can be long and include many visits to the website from various sources. The journeys have to be measured and analyzed to assess the effectiveness of your advertising.

Conversion attribution modeling

Standard conversion reports, i.e., last-click, can lead to inaccurate evaluations of the profitability of different traffic sources, which result in the inefficient management of your campaign budgets and cause you to lose potential profits.

By using an algorithmic model for conversion attribution, you can allocate the actual number of conversions to a specific channel that brings traffic to your website. This, in turn, can let you accurately evaluate the profitability of the campaign and help you manage your media budgets.

Budget optimization

The media optimization model uses historic data and latest research in statistics and marketing to provide recommendations for the allocation of budgets to specific campaigns. This makes it easier to ensure the optimum ratio of expected revenue to planned cost.

Google Marketing Platform is a set of integrated analytical and marketing tools. If you grow your business mainly based on data, the platform will provide you with precisely the tools you need. We know how important it is to quickly acquire, process and use the data you require, and we offer enterprise-class tools and support to help you.

Google Marketing Platform licenses

Bluerank is a certified specialist in the sale and use of the following tools:

  • Analytics 360
  • Google Tag Manager 360

Let’s talk about your business!

Let’s talk about your business!