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How to control chaos in large content projects?
- Bluerank & Content Manager

Content Manager is a ready-to-use solution designed to reduce the time spent managing content projects. Impossible? The results speak for themselves: using Content Manager on a daily basis has saved Bluerank a staggering 954 working days per year, as well as reduced billing problems with third-party vendors and publishers, and increased customer satisfaction with the cooperation.


Running a project, the scope of which involves the regular creation of a large amount of content per month, in the long run can (and does!) generate all sorts of challenges, at every stage of the work: from planning, to completing the demand, to commissioning, to verifying the compliance of the content with the guidelines, to sending the finished texts to the client and receiving and implementing any comments. Agencies and teams that face such a task without adequate tool support, using only the standard tools available (Google Sheets, email, chat, task management systems, telephone), run an increased risk of project chaos - and at each of the mentioned stages. How do we know this? We've been there ourselves!

  • Each stage generated communication bottlenecks through excess emails and the need for time-consuming project meetings (internally and externally).
  • Added to this were billing issues with both cooperating freelancers and publishers. Billing processes were handled manually, in spreadsheets, which encouraged mistakes and was extremely time-consuming.
  • A different person (from either the SEO or Content department) was responsible for each step of the process, and there was a lack of information flow and the ability to respond to a problem when it occurred.

This had to changed.


We have created a tool whose role is that of a supermanager of content projects - it enables all stakeholders:

instant access and downloadable text files, broken down by month,

a place to add comments (including comments from the client for the content writer),

a list of functional statuses,

an override function and addition of project coordinators,

a billing section for freelancers and publishers.

Once entered, the content does not disappear, allowing a person who is just joining the project to see its history and the content of all comments and guidelines, changing over time.


Who can use Content Manager?

  • Agencies and agency clients, for streamlining SEO and content marketing processes in projects and saving time on both sides,
  • Client-side in-house teams that coordinate internal resources and third-party content providers and external publications, especially when there is a large volume of content created.


What do our developers say about the tool?

Content Manager is the answer to all challenges in managing content projects - regardless of their size or complexity. Not only does it allow you to easily view the entire demand for a given month across multiple projects at once, but it also allows you to see the details and history of individual assignments, assign content writers, verify content, respond to client comments and communications, and settle accounts with cooperating freelancers or publishers. If I had to name the single most important advantage of using Content Manager in daily work, it would be the time savings. This cannot be overstated.

Dominika Paruszewska, Head of Content Marketing in Bluerank





Time savings

On the Bluerank team side: -63.6% y/y ,7632 working hours saved during the year in total across the Bluerank team.
On the customer side: -66% y/y, 1584 working hours saved during the year combined across all clients.

*Calculation based on 4800 orders processed during the year.


Customer satisfaction

+13 Net Promoter Score for SEO i Content (NPS) actions. 


Reducing billing errors

Decrease of 60% (decrease in the number of emails regarding the need to correct invoices and billing).


Awards and nominations we have won using Content Manager projects:

SEM KRK 2022
II place in the category Best SEO campaign - Bluerank and Empik

Performance Marketing Diamonds CEE 2022
Nomination in the kategory THE MOST EFFECTIVE CONTENT MARKETING CAMPAIGN – Bluerank i Empik

Performance Marketing Diamonds 2023
Nomination in the kategory Content performance, in kategory The most effective SEO campaign - Blueranki i Philips

European Search Awards 2023
Nomination in the kategory BEST SOFTWARE INNOVATION
Bluerank & Content Manager – How to Tame Chaos in Complex Processes

What do clients say about the tool?

Before we started using Content Manager, communication regarding copy was done by email. This is how we determined, for example, topics for new blog articles, exchanged texts for revision, comments on content, etc. - sometimes this reduced the efficiency of work and prolonged the process, especially since there are several people involved on the Orange and Bluerank side. Now, in the various sections of the tool, we have access to, among other things, a list of proposed topics, archived texts, articles sent in real time for approval. For my team, this is a big convenience and time-saver - we can see the entire history of a given article in one place. Finding the most important information is very easy and intuitive. Another big advantage is the possibility of direct communication with the copywriter who prepared a particular text. In Content Manager we can post a comment and ask for corrections "without an intermediary", which streamlines the editing and proofreading of texts.

Dominika Bareja-Muzyczuk, Orange.pl


Content Manager is used in the coordination of activities with Bluerank. Thanks to the tool, we can plan the creation of content in an orderly and clear way, as well as control the progress of work on the text. Submitting possible corrections and comments to articles is a very intuitive process, which facilitates the work on each side. The control of the content creation process, the ease of planning, the transparency of the operation and the simple way of finding articles that have already been published before - all this makes Content Manager a tool that solves many difficulties. Everything in one place - what more do you want? I think the tool will be useful for all those who plan to commission more texts - it will facilitate communication with creators, allow posting comments and attachments, as well as check whether a text has already been published.

Agata Kiełpińska, Mokida.com