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3x more effective remarketing on Bing based on Rainbow Tours case

Remarketing on Bing and, more specifically, on Microsoft Advertising's Audience Network for the Rainbow brand achieved efficiencies three times greater than equivalent campaigns on other platforms. Despite the smaller scale of the campaign and traffic, a comparable level of revenue was achieved. How did we achieve this? Here are the details.

Challenges and objectives

Since 1990, Rainbow Tours has been ensuring that your holiday is successful and tailored to your needs. As the third-largest tour operator in Poland, Rainbow Tours has been working with the Bluerank agency for over 17 years. Our challenge with the Microsoft Advertising campaign was to increase sales from paid activities, which we had been doing mainly in search so far. Also from organic traffic, which was generating high volume and revenue even before the launch of paid campaigns. Our strategy was to be one of the first advertisers and take ‘pole position’ and reach users more fully.


To increase effectiveness and ‘close the sales funnel’, we decided to create remarketing campaigns with native formats on the Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN). We focused on creating audience segments by destination, using the best experiences from other platforms. This strategy allowed us to more effectively finalise sales and complement our existing search engine campaigns. Campaigns on the Microsoft ad network helped Rainbow Tours to significantly increase the effectiveness of this channel, introducing a new type of campaign to its current portfolio. 


The results were impressive. As of April 2023, Rainbow Tours' remarketing on the Microsoft Audience Network had achieved three times the effectiveness as measured by ROAS than similar campaigns on another platform. Importantly, the revenue generated was at a similar level to standard remarketing, dispelling the myth that the absolute numbers on the Microsoft Advertising and Bing side are always significantly lower.



Remarketing on the Microsoft Audience Network for Rainbow Tours is an example of how different advertising platforms can be used effectively to maximize campaign effectiveness. With the right strategy and audience segmentation, impressive results were achieved, demonstrating the value of exploring and testing new opportunities across channels. 


Link to information on the Microsoft Advertising website: Rainbow Tours | Microsoft Advertising